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When EM ceramics are placed in water they have an immediate effect on the water through a process of resonance.
The longer that the EM ceramics remain in the water, the better the results will be. We recommend that the ratio of water to EM ceramic is 1:1000. E.g. one gram of EM ceramics per litre.

It has been shown that the EM and EM ceramics have the ability to 're-structure' the properties of water (see EM-X).

These properties can therefore be harnessed in various ways:

1. Improved quality of drinking water. Placing an EM ring in your water jug and you will notice improved quality.
2. In the bath - use a ceramic bath ring to energise the water and your body
3. In the washing machine and dish washer. - One of the most frequently occurring problems of washing machines and dishwashers is limescale build-up on the elements. EM-ceramics used in these appliances will reduce calcium build-up on the internal workings.
4. Fish ponds & aquaria: Use 1 kg of EM ceramics / 1000 litres of water.
5. Swimming pools - EM used in swimming pools eliminates the need for chemicals and leaves you feeling 'invigorated' after a swim. Adding EM ceramics to your filter system will prohibit the growth of algae.
6. Ponds, lakes and aqua-culture. EM has been successfully shown to improve natural water bodies, even restoring heavily polluted waters, reducing silt and increasing both health and productivity in fish farms.

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