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EM Teat Care®

EM Teat Care® is a specially developed teat conditioning product based on the fermentation of a natural biopolymer with EM-1 lactic acid bacteria. It provides an active protective barrier film on the teats after milking, keeping them soft and supple.

* Easy to apply - dip or spray
* Forms an active film over the teat
* Inhibits opportunistic mastitis pathogens
* Moisturises teat skin
* Enhances the natural protective acid mantle in the teat skin
* Reduces teat lesions
* Helps develop good teat teat skin condition
* Helps heal damaged teat ends

The Financial Losses Due to Mastitis

Mastitis remains a major cause of financial loss and animal welfare problems for UK dairy farmers due to:

* Reduced yields and milk quality from subclinical cases
* Cost of treatment and discarded milk from clinical cases
* Culling and increased replacement rates
* Reduced fertility following the inflammatory response to mastitis

A health and culling monitor report 2007/8¹ showed the average cost of mastitis per 100 cows as £4,111 with 17% of cows culled, leaving the herd for mastitis or high cell counts.
A survey² of the incidence of clinical mastitis gave an estimated rate of 47-65 cases /100 cows but encouragingly this was reduced by an average of 22% in those herds following the introduction of an integrated mastitis control plan.
The proportion of mastitis cases due to environmental pathogens has increased over the last 20 years and now accounts for nearly 50% of clinical cases³. However contagious mastitis remains a significant problem in many herds.

¹ Kite Consulting: Health and Culling Monitor 2009
² DairyCo: www.mastitiscontrolplan.co.uk
³ SAC 2009


How does EM Teat Care® Work?

Contagious mastitis pathogens are easily transmitted between cows during the milking routine. The teat’s skin is an important part of the cow’s own defence against mastitis. Poor teat condition due to sores, cracks, chaps and dry skin can all increase the risk of mastitis. Damaged skin can be caused by mechanical action during milking, aggressive chemical dips, cold weather, bright sunlight or virus infections. These skin lesions can be rapidly colonised by mastitis causing bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus dysgalactiae increasing the risk of mastitis.

The teat canal provides an important line of defence for the udder and damaged teat ends are a serious risk factor for both environmental and contagious mastitis.

To prevent transmission of infection between cows and to promote healthy teat condition an effective post milking teat dip is an important part of any mastitis control programme. EM Teat Care® combines the synergistic germicidal activity of lactic acid produced by EM-1 bacteria with the biocompatibility of a natural biopolymer.


Natural Biopolymer

The fermented natural biopolymer in EM Teat Care® has some remarkable properties and is extremely
versatile. It is non-toxic, non-allergenic, anti-microbial and biodegradable.

* Well tolerated by the skin and is widely used in cosmetics
* It has an affinity for damaged tissue and promotes wound healing
* It is hydrophilic, drawing water into the skin to moisturise it
* Forms a film that fixes the other active ingredients in close contact with the skin
* It is anti-microbial
* No build up of residues on the teat end
* Good dip retention


Active Barrier Protection

Lactic acid is a mild natural acid, which makes it an ideal ingredient in teat care products. It is produced by the Lactic Acid Bacteria from EM-1, which provides an active protective barrier on the teat skin. Lactic acid helps to:

* Regulate the skin’s pH, enhancing it’s own natural protective acid mantle
* Inhibit the growth of opportunistic mastitis causing pathogens
* Moisturise the teat’s skin, keeping it soft and supple
* Soften damaged keratin on the teat end

EM Teat Care® naturally active ingredients have been proven to be as effective as conventional teat dips with none of the disadvantages.


EM Teat Care® - Product Information:

EM Teat Care® is a naturally active post milking barrier teat care product to help reduce the risk of mastitis as part of a mastitis control plan.

Active Ingredients:
Natural biopolymer, EM-1 lactic acid bacteria, natural orange colouring VF21.870

Packaging: 5L bag-in-box

EM Teat Care® should be diluted for use, 1 part to 4 parts clean water.
The diluted product can be applied by dipping or spraying.
A Dosatron pump can be used to automatically dilute the product from the sealed bag-in-box.
The diluted product should be used within 24 hours.
The entire surface of all teats should be thoroughly covered with EM Teat Care®, immediately after cluster removal, at every milking.
Do not mix with any other products.
Teat dip cups can become contaminated during milking so any unused diluted product in them should be discarded after each milking and the teat dip cup thoroughly washed.

Store in a cool dry place
Do not allow to freeze
Do not use after expiry date
Keep out of reach of children


Download EM Teat Care: Product Information

EM Teat Care PDF

EM Teat Care (2) PDF






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