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Effective Micro Organisms

Using EM's (Effective Micro-Organisms) in the Home.


By using EM's in the home you can achieve:

  • A fresh-smelling and clean environment.
  • Efficient recycling of kitchen waste into highly nutritious (for your garden) organic compost.
  • Nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser derived from fermenting your kitchen waste.
  • Water used for cleaning immediately cleans itself and the process of purification continues.
  • Household objects retain their shine or regain their shine and feel smooth to the touch.
  • No foam formation which means less water necessary.
  • There are no dirty cleaning cloths or damaging substances from detergents. The seven points mentioned above are salutary for the environment, people's general health and financial saving. Maintenance of floors, tiles, kitchen and bathroom furniture.

EM's can be used on a daily basis for cleaning purposes. In particular, objects with smooth surfaces are suitable for cleaning with EM, such as:

  • Floors, freezers, fridges (inside and out).
  • Cookers, kitchen cupboards (inside and out).
  • Glass, windows, mirrors, painted surfaces.
  • Cups, saucers, plates.
  • Plastic buckets, basins, toys, garden furniture, floor mats.
  • EM is also ideal for cleaning bicycles, cars and other metal objects.

To use EM's in the home, it is best to use EM-1ctivated (EM-1). To learn about EM-1 either click here or use the link opposite.


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