EM Bee Food

contains probiotic bacteria which are derived from EM Effective Micro-organisms.  The microbes in EM all exist freely in nature and have no GM
components. EM is a mixture of beneficial lactic acid bacteria, fungi and yeast, a
probiotic tonic for our bees, to protect them and keep their environment healthy. It can be compared with probiotic drinks for human consumption. Probiotics provide support and protection for our immune system, helping boost health and keeping the natural flora of the gut in balance!

Supplied in a convenient bottle of 250 ml it is easily added to sugar syrup & pollen substitutes

Application - Bee Food probiotic

Use 40ml (4x capfuls) per kg pollen substitute (shake well when mixing in can). Add 20ml (2x capfuls) per 5Ltr sugar syrup.