Honey bee laden with pollen
Honey bee laden with pollen

Bee-wellness is a liquid spray containing EM Effective Micro-organisms, a liquid probiotic, to enhance the micro-climate in the beehive. 


EM Tecnology was developed in Okinawa , japan and has spread across the world during the past 25 years. 

We research sustainable solutions for a better world. 


Bee-Wellness is a non-chemical alternative for biological apiculture.


easy application in a handy 1Ltr  spray.


It is important to understand that our EM products are not medicines or nutrients, but contain nature-based supportive micro-organisms.


We have collected numerous research papers which have looked at the benefits of boosting the immune resistance through the use of micro-organisms.


EM provides a natural alternative in disease prevention for bee keepers.



Varroa:                     Spray the hive and bees after every chemical and synthetic treatment.

Cleaning:                 Spray the hive, combs, base and roof when using old and new hives for the first time.

Hive Hygiene:          Spray the landing plank every week.

Vitality of the bees:  Spray manger and sugar dough