Commercial Composting

  • Odour prevention
  • Reduced Turning costs of windrows
  • Accelerated composting
  • No waste
  • Increased nutrient & energy value in end-product
  • Commercial Compost

Composting is an environmentally conscious method of creating a valuable product out of organic wastes. At present the fundamental challenge composting facilities face is in properly aerating the piles. Oxygen starts to become limiting in compost piles within minutes of turning and the rising diesel and equipment costs makes turning compost the main management input. Frequent turning also exacerbates odour and dust issues, releasing ammonium and methane gases into the air and in the process losing valuable nutrient and organic mass. This makes for angry neighbours, numerous flies, and a potentially disease inducing finished product  EM-1® provides a solution and is  compatible with numerous types of commercial composting systems (including in vessel systems), and can be used to effectively treat green waste, livestock, food waste and most other agricultural-industrial wastes that will be composed. EM-1® can also be used at transfer stations for safe and effective odour control.


Septic tanks

Septic Tank Treatment with EM-1®.

Waste Treatment using EM Effective Micro-organisms.

A cost effective method providing an environment friendly solution to the problems of odour and contamination from waste disposal. EM provides a non-chemical alternative for use in septic tanks.

How Septic Tanks Work:

Your septic tank acts as the collection point for your household sewage. Waste is collected and settles giving microbes a chance to break down the organic waste. The micro-organisms also ensure the liquid stays fluid and help keep foul odour to a minimum. EM-1® is a microbial inoculent which is supplied in 1 Ltr and 10 Ltr bottles as a dormant solution. EM-1® is preferably activated before application with a sugar cane molasses. 1 ltr of EM-1® gives you 20 Ltrs of EM-Activated, so is very economical. EM-1® contains live bacteria which need organic matter to continue to multiply. In a septic tank there is always enough ‘’feed” for the micro-organisms. By adding EM-1® your septic tank will stay working the way it should.

Why Problems Arise

Modern cleaning agents such as disinfectants, bleaches and detergents are designed to kill bacteria.  Regular use of these chemicals can upset the biological balance within the septic tank by killing off the micro-organisms that do the work.  Extremes of temperature can have a similar effect.

Standard Anaerobic Septic Systems for Single Family households:
There has been much debate in the professional arena about the use of inoculants in septic systems.  EM-1 ® provides a natural soultion by increasing the microbial ‘balanced’ diversity of the system.  As more and more of us continue to use antibiotic soaps, and increase the use of bleach and other disinfectants, not to mention the intake increase of pharmaceuticals, the lifeblood of any septic tank system is in trouble and the microbes start to die. As many professionals have stated in professional journals,  "The septic tank is dead.  The leaching field is dead and plugged.  The only way to revive it is to inoculate it with a strong, live culture of microbes." Because EM is a live product brimming with millions of microbes ( and not freeze dried or otherwise processed) it is ideal and efficient in maintaining septic tanks.

Application advies:

1 Ltr of Activated EM-1® PER 1000 Ltr waste water.

Starting application of Activated EM-1®, to recharge the system with beneficial microbes which promote:

  • A more complete breakdown of organic matter (Lowers BOD & density of Sludge) 

  • Reduction of Odors due to pathogens/putrefaction (H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Gas) 

  • Reduction of a wide variety of microbes causing waterborne diseases (Works by competitive exclusion) 

  • Reduction in the amount of suspended solids passed into the leach field (TSS-Total Suspended Solids) 

  • Enhanced stabilization of complex proteins (Average amount of protein in fecal matter 85% & urine 35%)

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