" Life is precious,  Nature is wonderful"

EM Wellness is devoted to promoting a higher awareness of our environment and the influence of the products we use in our daily life.

Introducing more friendly bacteria into our living spaces will contribute in supporting our immune defense, thus promoting well being and health.

  • EM-X Gold refreshment drink
  • EM-X Gold Salt & Minerals
  • EM Ceramics 




The power of EM friendly bacteria.

Please see the message on their website from EMRO, our friends in Okinawa, Japan, which is where EM was developed . They guide us with their knowledge, healthy lifestyle, diet and longevity.        see:   www.emrojapan.com


When we talk about preventive medicine the basic key to being healthy is to strengthen our natural healing power. Therefore, we need to help return our environment (soil, water, air) to a healthy, natural state.

EM Technology™ combines the beneficial and fermentative micro-organisms that exist throughout nature, and integrates the force of natural healing power and immune strength that exists in humans and the environment. We believe that when the environment becomes healthy so, too, will human beings.

Combining this way of thinking with EM Technology™, we have created the concept of

EM Wellness, and in order for people to actually experience this, we opened the EM Wellness Center,  Hotel Costa Vista,  Okinawa, Japan. in April of 2006.