EM Skin care

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Microbial spray for easy application.


Our microbial mix has been carefully vacuum packed in a collapsable bag-in-a bottle packaging, for guaranteed freshness.

EM microbes are sensitive to the air which is why we vacuum pack them to ensure freshness to the last drop. 


What does EM Skin Care do?

EM Skin Care is an active blend of naturally occuring disease suppressing micro-organisms. In practice  EM Skin care has shown to be highly effective in combatting infective fungal conditions of the skin. Contains no chemical or pharmaceutical components.



EM Skin Care helps promote the naturally occurring healthy micro-flora on the skin to inhibit the growth of pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Pathogenic microbes can become established on the skin from contact with other infected animals, or following adverse weather conditions or minor grazes and scratches.


Forms an active protective film on the skin  *  Inhibits opportunistic pathogen  *    Enhances the natural protective acid mantle in the skin  *  Contains lactic acid which moisturises damaged skin

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