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'good' bacteria  feed additive to enhance the animals immune system naturally. 

Prebiotics and probiotics explained. 

Syn-Vital is a probiotic feed additive produced through a fermentative process and approved and registered under the EU animal feed legislation. Syn-Vital can be fed to horses in order to increase their natural resistance. The fermentation of wheat bran by using lactic acid bacteria and yeasts causes a Synbiotica to occur. This Synbiotica is a combination of prebiotics and probiotics. 

Probiotics provide advantages to boost animal health including functioning as good bacteria cultures in the animal gut. These stimulate the activity of the internal microflora in the intestines. 

Prebiotics are nutrient fibres that promote the growth of bacteria in the digestive tract. Yeasts form vitamin B and other substances and can improve the microbial fermentation and digestion of fibres. 


This synergy of good bacteria and fibres stimulates the intestinal flora positively. This results in improved digestion and uptake of nutrients that then leads to a reduction in fodder costs. Moreover, the animals get a beautiful healthy coat and moult quicker. 


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Translated from german where Syn-Vital and EM is widely used in Equine care.

Explains in detail how to make simple changes in the stable and surrounding pastures to improve animal health, replacing chemical applications with natural solutions.

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