Effective Micro-organisms products that can be used in Horticulture

A biological method of growing plants can be taken step by step introducing products that will balance the soil, increasing yield and minimising plant disease from soil borne pathogens and pests. Effective Micro-organisms ltd has developed a range of products with soil health at the heart of the growers priority.

Edasil Clay Minerals

This product has a tremendous swelling capacity due to the specific plate-like structure and is therefore able to bind together a large amount of water and nutrients. In addition, it contains all of the essential micro-elements
a balanced dose.

Grow Best

Organic fertiliser made from all natural ingredients:

Grow Best is a unique fertiliser which is valued for its percentage of organic matter rather then The NPK content. Sustaining and improving soil makes good sense. Often the soil organic matter content is diminished due to intensive growing and the use of herbicides and synthetic fertilisers. Good soil management can improve the nursery growers profits by reducing plant disease, improving plant growth and providing a stronger end-product that has much more chance of survival than the average garden centre plant.


Why Grow Best can replace a traditional fertiliser:

Most organic matter added to a soil decomposes over a few years as animals and micro-organisms feed on it.
This process releases nutrients for the plants to grow.

During this period of decomposition organic matter is
often called the active fraction and this fraction can quickly change with changes in soil management. 
Most of the remaining organic matter does not break down so easily – it can take many years. This more stable matter is known as humus. Both active and stable soil organic matter make important contributions to binding soil particles together intop stable aggregates that give soil  its crumb like structure. They improve a soils workability, root penetration, and water and nutrient holding capacity.
Soil organic matter can be both financially and environemntally beneficial to a nursery enterprise.


Properties of Grow Best:

         Water and air enter and circulate more freely in  the soil.

    Improved root penetration

    Water-logging and surface water is reduced which in turn reduces soil erosion

    Plant growth and establishment benefit from improved water and nutrient availability.

    Soil workability improved which cuts cultivation costs.

    Soil is more resistant to compaction

    Storage and supply of plant nutrients –N P K and
micro-nutrients is improved.

    Cation exchange capacity which governs nutrient availability for plant uptake is improved

    Soil needs less lime because of improved soil
Ph buffering.

    Carbon and energy are available for the soil
micro-organisms that cycle nutrients and fight disease.

    Contaminants are bound up reducing the negative environmental effects of pesticides, heavy metals
and other pollutants.



         Worm cast, cinus communis ( castor-oil plant) ,Clay  

         Minerals, Basalt powder (volcanic rock dust), Seaweed

         extracts, Trace Minerals, Beneficial Micro-organisms.

Organic Material 62% NPK 5-4-2

Packaging 40 Litre  (approx 23 kg) treats 100 M² soil

Use: 1 Litre per 2x M²


Excellent all-round fertiliser for all Flowers, 
Vegetables, Lawns, Shrubs & Trees.

Vulkamin Rock Dust

Prehistoric rock meal matured over
millions of years resulting in:

Improved natural growth

Healthy soil

Healthy food


From the Kaiserstuhl, the famous winegrowing region of volcanic origin,  situated in the south-west of Germany, comes one of the most effective and most healthy preparations for soil improvement: the prehistoric rock meal VULKAMIN.

Particular characteristics:

     Natural richness in nutrients and trace elements

     Extraordinarily high content of zeolites and soluble silicic acid


VULKAMIN prehistoric rockmeal consists of finely ground phonolite, a silicate rock of volcanic origin which is alkali-rich. Naturally rich in nutrients, trace elements and soluble silicic acids and its mineralogical peculiarity is that it contains

zeolites*, which are special hollow part minerals.

VULKAMIN prehistoric rock meal is not a "fertiliser" in
the traditional sense but a real agent to improve soils.

Thanks to the very finely ground elements
VULKAMIN has large active surfaces and is thus effective even in small quantities.

   Enriches the soil with nutrients, trace elements and other useful elements in a wellbalanced proportion – fundamental
to healthy balanced plant nutrition.

   Balances "loss of calcium" by its alkaline effect and stabilises the soil at a favourable Ph level - an important condition for good availability of nutritients, intact soil life and a good soil structure.

   Rich in soluble silicic acid which is directly absorbable for   
   plants and strengthens their resistance to fungal disease and  
   other harmful organisms - the use of chemical-synthetic
   fungicides can thus be reduced.

   Activates available reserves of phosphates in the soil by adding silicic acid - large unused deposits of phosphates can be better used.

   Increases the quantity of available sodium, which has the same regulating effect as potassium in the water balance of plants and activation of enzymes - the quantity of potassium needed by plants will thus be reduced and the yield of certain useful plants (such as cabbage, barley) will be increased. Potassium also helps to give grazing animals a healthy diet.

   Dissolves gradually, providing nutrients and trace elements evenly over a long period of time - the result is a mild effect and a long-lasting improvement of available nutritive elements in the soil. Erosion is reduced to a minimum.

   Improves conditions for micro-organisms living in the soil, especially for nitrogen-binding bacteria.

Using VULKAMIN Prehistoric Rock Meal is the best way of producing fertile soils over a long period of time.


*Zeolites - Minerals with very special qualities


   From the mineralogical point of view VULKAMIN  prehistoric rock meal has a very high content of zeolites - zeolites are hollow part minerals with astonishing qualities:

   Zeolites are able to store nutrients and to supply them later on. They help to reduce the loss of nutrients caused by erosion.

   Zeolites react as catalysts: they accelerate and activate natural processes and reactions.

   Zeolites can also be used in the technical sector, for example in drinking water purification systems.   


How to use VULKAMIN
  Prehistoric Rock Meal?

VULKAMIN prehistoric rock meal can be spread out at any season of the year. The best method is to distribute it just on top of the soil or to mix it in to the upper layer of the soil.


General Recommendations

When using VULKAMIN  for the first time you should distribute about 2 ton (2000kg ) per hectare - except if you are using high dosages. Available in 1000kg Big bags & 23kg bags

Ostrea Crushed Sea Shells

Ostrea seashell lime: Slow release trace minerals from the sea. One advantage of sea shell lime is that its effect is long-lasting and can therefore avoid pH values that are either too high or too low. The pH value is therefore influenced over a fair period of time which results in optimal plant growth.

Feedstuffs: Min 38 % Calcium Max. 5 % Insoluble in Hcl

Ostrea Crushed Sea Shell flour is a source of chalk derived from natural shell banks in the North Sea. 
The shells are dried and then ground to a powder. Sea-shell chalk is a rich source of calciumcarbonaat (96.1 %) with a minimal water content.The dry matter percentage is 99.5 %.

A mineral analysis has been undertaken by LabCo BV,  Europoort Rotterdam, dated 10th  februari 2005 resulting in the following:

Test number : 392653                      Analysis number :063653

Nature had dosed the correct balance of spoor elements !

EM-1 / Actiferm

Preparation and application.

EM (abbreviation) for Effective Micro-organisms contains 80 different sorts of micro-organisms that have been collected from natural sources and grown using a specific technical method. This method and specific unique mixture have been developed by Professor Higa from the University of Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan. The main strains of micro-organisms in EM are; lactic acid bacteria, photosynthesising bacteria, yeasts and actinomycetes. These micro-organisms have been used medicinally and in food processing for many years. This gives some indication as to how safe EM is and the benefits brought to the health and wellbeing of plants, soil, animals and human beings.


EM-1, EM-A and  EM-dilutions.

EM-1 is the name given to the dormant concentrate of  Effective Micro-organisms, that EM Limited supplies in plastic bottles of  1 litre and large containers of  10 litres. To apply these  Effective Micro-organisms for agricultural use  the EM-1 must first be activated. The  activation of EM-1 is acheived by adding sugar cane molasses and water which allows the EM to start multipying.    

This activated  EM is known as  EM-Activated (EM-A) and is prepared as follows:

This activated EM must be allowed to ‘brew’ for a minimum of 7 days  in an airtight fermentation tank which has a warming element. A fermentation process allows the activation of the micro-organisms whereby an optimal amount of beneficial bacteria is obtained.


The EM-A needs to be then diluted with water (1: maximal 100), and can then be used for many different applications.  The EM-A diluted solution must be used within 48 hours. The EM-A before dilution can be kept for a month in an airtight vessel. We also have EM –A  now available for people who don’t want to brew
their own.

ACTIFERM is available in  3L and 20L packaging.


The usages for  EM-dilutions are widely divers and achieve an increase in the microbial diversity. These dilutions can be used for the following applications:


Soil improvement &           10 Litres EM-A dilution per 100M2.


Plant fertilizer                    spray or use a watering can to apply 5-6 x per growing season


Compost activation           1 litre EM-A dilution per m3 compost.


Seed disinfectant                 Immerse in 1 litre EM dilution for 30  

                                               minutes. Bulbs and tubers: 1 hour  

                                               (Infected with  Fusarium 6-7 hours)

Potatoes: 30 minutes (Infected with ralstonia solanancearum 2-4 hours)




EM-5: A microbial active mixture, vinegar and spirits (alcohol) that acts as an insect repellent. Insects will be driven away by a thorough soaking with EM-5.

EM-FHE: EM Fermented Herb extract is a microbial preparation based on plant extracts. This product strengthens plants and increases immunity. Due to the large number of micro-elements and micronutrients, this product has already proved its worth as a plant foliage nutrient.

Horti-plus: An extraordinary plant nutrient with a homeopathic base. Horti-plus  takes effect by reaching even the tiniest particles. As with the other products mentioned above, it is equally harmless for both human and plant life. A capful in
10 Ltrs of water is sufficient once a month.

Agrisanum: This product is unique, consisting of Bentoniet clay minerals and enriched with organic Germanium that does not contain any chemical pesticides. Agrisanum strengthens plants from germination to harvest by providing natural immunity to viruses, fungi and parasites as well as the harmful effects of flies affecting carrot, leek, onion and
cabbage crops.