Biogas/AD treatment with EM Actiferm

Biogas enhancer

Actiferm has been specifically developed for use in anaerobic digesters. It has been subjected to extensive independent trials in Belgium for its use in the conservation of bio-energy crops and these have consistently shown increased methane output from Actiferm treated maize, ranging from 11% to 32%, outperforming other well known brands.

Actiferm’s unique combination of fungi, yeasts and lactic acid bacteria make it perfect for bio-energy crops. Enzymes produced by the microbes begin the process of unlocking the energy in the complex fibrous plant material so that it can be more easily broken down in the AD fermentation process.

Actiferm also produces an ideal volatile fatty acid profile for methane production and ensures good clamp stability during storage and feed out to reduce losses prior to fermentation in AD.

Actiferm is a ready to use liquid product, applied at 1 litre per tonne and is available in 20L , 200L and 1,000L containers. It is available for delivery from our UK warehouse.