N-Hance Slurry treatment

N-Hance  Slurry liquid  treatment is easy to apply and works as a semi-conductor in the slurry , rendering toxic components in the slurry neutral . 

The difference in treated and non-treated slurry  is  huge.


N-Hance  conditions the slurry  to allow an  anaerobic fermentation  to take place to replace  the rotting environment frequently found in slurry stores. It is used in conjunction with Actiferm microbial additive. 


Treated slurry has the following advantages

  • No crust formation
  • No pungent odour
  • No grass burn when spread 
  • Improved nitrogen retention 
  • Reduced labour and cost of stirring time  prior to emptying the store 
  • More homogenous slurry makes for easier pumping and more even spreading
  • Improved  soil organic matter and soil condition 
  • Improved  microbial quality of the soil for optimum uptake of  plant nutrients


 Customer feed back

*   Less odour 82.6%

*   Change in colour 30.4%

*   Easier to mix 89.1%

*   Less crusting 58.7%

*   Fewer flies 13.0%


*   Foam formation 43.5%


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