Organo Fresh TMR/     keeping feed mixes fresh

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Mixer wagon TMR

Organic acid /Organo fresh lowers pH fast.Eliminates unwanted pathogen growth. Stops feed mix heating up. Preserves the feed and gives it a good aroma. Use 1-2Ltrs per ton feed mix


Organo Fresh can also be used to crimp and  is applied by a pump during the crimping process, according to the recommended application rates 


Ensure the crimping machine is set up correctly to crush the grains. 


The grain should be crimped within 24 hours of harvest and clamped immediately. 



Prevent mycotoxin contamination

  • Dilute 1-2 Ltrs Organo Fresh in 10Ltrs water per 1000kg feed.
  • Mix into the feed which is is the largest ration of the TMR
  • Add the other products to the mix

Using a TMR additive prevents feed mixes heating up and stops losses of energy (ME) and protein (RE). 

By preserving the valuable feed you can cut costs by preventing spoilage and of course making sure the animals stay healthy.

Contaminants in feed mixes can lead to mycotoxin contamination.

Organo Fresh improves palatability , the cows enjoy the fresh taste and aroma. Feeds well.