Ostrea Oyster Flour Rumen Buffer

Ostrea Oyster & Sea Shell flour is a source of chalk derived from natural shell banks in the North Sea.

The shells are dried and then ground to a powder. Sea-shell chalk is a rich source of calcium carbonate (96.1 %) with a minimal water content. The dry matter percentage is 99.5 %.














Specific qualities of Ostrea Sea-Shell powder.

  • A natural source of essential spoor and micro-elements for animal husbandry.
  • Rich in calcium
  • Good absorption
  • Improves health of animals
  • Reduced afterbirth problems
  • Improved gait.
  • Healthier hoofs.
  • Prevents Acidosis
  • Improved Ca/P balance in feeding-stuffs
Ostrea Flyer / outside
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Ostrea flyer /inside
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Ostrea Oyster Flour for Beef cattle
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