Syn-Vital    Probiotic live Yeast feed


Rumen Activator

Syn-Vital is a wheat bran fermented with EM effective micro-organisms, to produce  a semi moist live yeast culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae,  developed especially for use in animal nutrition to aid 


Around 80% of a cows energy and 70% of her protein requirements are supplied by the rumen microbes.


Keeping the fibre “busting” microbes working efficiently is the key to maximising the utilisation of  home grown forages. The bio-active metabolites in Syn-Vital help to stimulate the population  of these microbes, a process that can take two to three weeks.  


Benefits of feeding Syn-vital

  • rumen stability
  •  feed palatability
  • improved dry matter intakes and feed  digestibility
  • increased milk production 
  • faster growth rates increased  
  • feed conversion efficiency
  • improved health and immunity

Feeding recommendations

Syn-vital helps promote  rumen activity especially in animals undergoing nutritional changes, those fed starch rich diets - typically those containing high  levels of concentrates or maize silage -and when diets containing poor digestibility forages are fed. 

It is especially useful in dairy cattle in the following groups:

Transition group  ( from three weeks before calving).

Fresh calved group ( until three weeks after calving) .

Early lactation group (1st 100 days of lactation ).

Calves to promote rumen development and a healthy digestive tract.

Intensively fed beef cattle.

Beef cattle and tups  been prepared for shows and sales.

Milking sheep and goats.

Feeding rates.

Dairy cattle : 30 - 50 gms per head per day.

Beef cattle  : 30 - 50gms  per head per day

Calves : 15 gms per head per day mixed with dry feed. 

Sheep and goats : 15gms per head per day