Fran Feersma Hoekstra Box MSc.  

The Managing Director.

 Her role in the company includes connecting all the parts to the whole to create a good working environment.  Also co-ordinates the marketing and new product development. Fran has a degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy from the university of middlesex.


Ing. Jan Feersma Hooekstra.

Our Technical director. Jan was born in Friesland,

Netherlands and studied Agriculture from a very young age. He is passionately involved in science and nature and believes in looking beyond the obvious. Jan has a degree in engineering and has been involved in plant physiology all his working life. Jan's interest and knowledge of microbiology increased in 2000 when he joined EM Agriton bv, a manufacturing company based in the Netherlands. 



Jo Harris


 Office Manager.


Peter Townley BVSc. MRCVS.

Business Development Manager. Worked in the Agricultural Animal Health Industry all his life with many years experience in Embryo transfer projects, animal health in general and all things related to the Dairy farmer.