EM Lawn Care

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EM Lawn Care is Naturally rich in nutrients, trace elements and soluble silicic acids which promotes a stronger grass root, less weeds and elimination of moss.

From the mineralogical point of view EM lawn care prehistoric rock granules has a very high content of zeolites - zeolites are hollow-part minerals with astonishing qualities.

Zeolites are able to store nutrients making them available later. 

Reduces the effect of calcium deficiency by it’s alkaline effect and stabilises the soil to an optimum pH.


*  Improved natural growth

*  Healthy grass growth with continued lasting results

*  Diminished moss and weed growth over a period of time.


Research and deveoplment

All our products are sourced from companies that are part of UFAS and GMP to ensure correct manufacturing practise and quality control.

100% organic

Registered organic with OFAG.

Choose natural products to create safe play areas for children and pets.


Available in 20kg tubs or small 3kg boxes.

A whole pallet 40 x 20kg is also available .