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Wipe & Clean                                                          100% chemical free cleaner

  • All purpose cleaner suitable for all hard surfaces and water-resistant surfaces; i.e glass, mirrors, plastic, enamel, porcelain, stainless steel, natural stone, ceramic tiles, painted wood.
  • Suitable for general maintenance as well as the cleaning of sanitary facilities, toilets, kitchens,   
  • Can also be used in high-pressure cleaners and polishers.

• No more multiple product cleaning.

• Good results every time with reduced water requirement.


100% natural and organic.


Without additives or dyes.

 Contains No harmful substances or chemicals 

Benefits the environment when emptying cleaning water into sewers and drains, reducing  the risk of clogged pipes and reducing nasty odour.


We have three sorts of Wipe & Clean, Classic with no herbal addition, Mint with added herb and super fresh aroma and Basil which contains the herb Holy Basil giving it a wonderful aroma.
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Before              & After              Cleaning the patio